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      "Maybe you need some," Derban said."YesBenjamin went round. But he ?un't there."

      But through them there rolled not the breath of his pride;

      At Flightshot Manor comment was more enlightened.

      "Oh, yes," said Pete, "he laid hold on the merits of Jesus."

      "The young one has come to learn. He has come to know the truths." He looked around at the others and then went on: "His name is Cadnan. He wishes to have your names. Let him have your names."

      For MacDonald's the man for the people!""It's no use," said Reuben. He knew the child was dead.


      Naomi spent a peaceful and happy convalescence. Everything combined for her blessedness. The soft April days scattered their scent and sunshine on her bed, where she lay with her baby, full of drowsy hopes. Even Boarzell's firs had a mellowness about them, as if her motherhood had sweetened not only herself and those about her, but the grim face of nature militant.


      "Wot else?"... "Mother, how much did this chocolate cost wot we're drinking?" Reuben's voice made them both jump.


      "Off!where?"Harry was soon established on the upturned cask beside the fighting booth which had always been the fiddler's place. He began to play at once"Nice Young Maidens"to all appearances quite indifferent to the jostle round him. Naomi could not help marvelling at Reuben, toohe was so cool, possessed and assured, so utterly without anything in the way of embarrassment or self-consciousness.