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      I can lay no claim to Miss Chetwyndes friendship, said Trafford, trying to smile."But before he took the train with you," murmured the mosquito to the butterfly, "when he said the General was going to take Irby upon his staff and give the battery to Kincaid, what did you talk of?"

      "For dear Anna's sake and yours, shall I be that little bit your pilot, to say--?"Esmeralda, with a smile, held out her hand. The carefully trained Barker crimsoned to the roots of her neatly arranged hair, and looked appealingly at Lady Wyndover, who shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

      That is his Serene Highness, the Prince of Seidlitzberg,[77] and we all bow and courtesy because he is the brother of a king.

      "Yes, uncle?"

      Well, I dont know that I did anything to be ashamed of, she said. At home we should be quite obliged to any one for saving us from a spill. I suppose its different here. Well, Ill learn in time to stand by and see people break their necks, without moving an eyelid.My dear, she is superb! Bring her to me again presently, when the crush is over. Georgeshe turned to her husband, the Earl of Blankyre, who was standing beside her, holding her bouquet of white camelliasthis is Lady Wyndovers ward, Miss Chetwynde. Will you take her through into the next room?

      Yes, I know, said Esmeralda, indifferently. Every one seems to be a duke or an earl, or something with a handle to his name.


      Ive found this! said Norman, eagerly. Its a sheet of paper with a piece of stick stuck through it.




      Yes, I suppose so, he assented, wondering at her momentary hesitation and confusion. Im afraid youve[114] not had much of either since youve been in London. Do you think Lady Wyndover would care for a drive into the country? If so, I will bring a mail phaeton round some afternoon.