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      "That won't give much of a honeymoon to Mrs. Bolster," grinned the 'Squire.

      "So did Shorty," added Si, determined that his partner should not lack full measure of recognition.


      "You won't git your guns and accourterments till you git to the rigimint. As soon's I kin go over this roll and identify each one o' you, I'll see what the orders is for starting."


      "You'll probably act sensibly and do whatever you're ordered to do. Of course, I'd like to go, if we kin git back in time for this sociable with Mister Bragg. Don't want to miss that. That'll be the he-fight o' the war, and probably the last battle.""Paid in gold for her," said the officer, examining the cow critically. "Pretty high price for that kind of a cow."